Maria Fernandez is a fashion designer with a love for pop culture.
Being raised in Swedish suburbia, she was very intrigued by what was outside of the Scandinavian norm from a very early age.

Taking inspiration from everything from 80s TV commercials, music videos, Barbie and kitsch, she evolved her own personal style.

In 2014 she started her fashion studies at Malmö Tillskärarakademi in Malmö, Sweden. A one year fashion design course with focus on pattern making.
After graduating, she was accepted in to ESMOD in Berlin, an international school that offers a BA in Fashion Design.

She flourished as she learned how to further develop her skills and produced many collections.
After 2 years at ESMOD, she was accepted to AMD in Berlin where she finished her BA in Fashion Design.

Since then, she has worked for brands like EXIT Berlin and have also produced stage wear for artists like Maja Francis.

As of March 2023, she now resides in Los Angeles and is very excited for what the future will hold.